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  Keep in touch with your website
  - with Email Alerts!
What are Email Alerts?
  Email Alerts! are the perfect complimentary service to any of our Website Traffic Analysis Packages
Included with all Packages
  When you sign up to any of our Hit Counter Packages, you can configure your account to send emails to your inbox from the criteria you choose.
What criteria?
  Maybe you need to know every visit to your order entry page, maybe you log every 10 visits to your guestbook or maybe you only have access to your mail account
No software
  As with all our Hit Counter Packages there is no software to install, everything is managed on-line from the members' admin area
How it works  
  Surfers explore your website
  You set up the criteria to send alerts
  When criteria is met an email is sent
  You keep in touch with your site
  Peace of mind for you the webmaster
  • Track up to 3 pages from your site at any time
  • Send Alerts to 2 different email addresses
  • Change the pages you want to monitor at any time
  • Choose the frequency, e.g. every single hit, every 10 hits etc..
  • No limits, when you have used all your Alerts! just purchase more!
500 Alerts
1100 Alerts
2500 Alerts
BONUS - sign up for any of our Hit Counter Packages and your account will be credited with 50 Email Alerts! FREE
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