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Detailed Website Traffic Analysis
Hit Counter
In-depth, real-time statistics
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Total solution
  The Red Toolbox offers the total solution for webmasters who need to understand and track their website visitor behaviour
Understand your visitors
  More than just a hit counter, our Detailed Website Traffic Analysis provides real-time, in-depth statistics of the visitors to your site
  Our reports are easy to read and jargon-free, giving you the exact information you need
No software
  With no software to install, no programming required and no log files to analyse, tracking your website visitors couldn't be easier
How it works  
Hit Counter traffic analysis   People surf and explore the internet
Hit Counter web tracking   Keywords entered lead to your website
visitor tracking   Our servers store the data of visitor activity
Hit Counter reports   Reports are created from this data
Visitor behaviour   You understand your visitors' behaviour
Free 30 Day Trial
Up to 20,000 page views
50 FREE Email Alerts!
Easy to set up and use
Second user password
Up to 40,000 page views
Search Engine Analysis
Visits detailed last 50 visitors
Compare statistics
Up to 40,000 page views
Drill down option
Invaluable reports
User defined reports
Up to 40,000 page views
Visits Sorted
The complete solution
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